New! Cuties of The Sea!

 Princess Mermaid Dressed in all pink this mermaid comes with a cute little octopus (also sold separately)! $15.00

 Aquarius Mermaid comes dressed in a pretty blue bikini with contrasting lime green fins, riding with her cute soft dolphin (also sold separately)! $15.00

Caribbean Mermaid comes splashing in her yellow bikini with contrasting pink fins, and a sea horse (photo in critters section, also sold separately)! $15.00

Spring-Time Geisha

Tea parties will be even more fun with elegantly dressed geisha! 
Either with your own tea set or the new Sushi and Tea Play Set you'll find in the accessories section. 
Below you'll find pretty Geisha you can order this Spring!

Sakura Geisha
 This geisha comes to you dressed in a shiny coffee toned kimono, with pretty cherry blossom flowers stitched all around. An elegant, black satin fabric lines the inside of her kimono; a pretty, pink obi wraps around her waist; and cream colored flowers are placed in her hairdo for a nice finish! Her name, Sakura, means cherry blossom in Japanese! (9"inches tall) - $20

Yaso Geisha
 This geisha likes to perform in her shiny pink kimono that has pretty daisies and seedlings stitched on it. It also has a black, satin fabric lining the inside. She comes with pretty flowers in her hair, a fan and a pink obi to pull everything together. Her name, Yaso, means wildflower in Japanese! (9"inches tall) - $20

Yuri Maiko
 This maiko, which is basically a geisha-in-training, comes dressed in an aqua blue kimono that's embroidered. The same fabric that lines her kimono was used to wrap around her waist as an obi. You can tell that she's a maiko by the red band around her neck. Her name, Yuri, means Lily in Japanese. (7" inches tall) -$20

Geisha key-chains coming soon :)
Get ready for some fun with these soft, candy colored dolls!
All 8-9 inches tall, hand crocheted and made with love!
Request any skin/hair color you like when you order :)

Ice Cream Swirl Girl Doll

This sweet doll comes in a swirly beret and a matching color bubble skirt! - $10

Skirt available in:
Pink/Hot pink
Baby Blue/White

Little Raincoat Girl Doll

She'll stay nice and dry during the April showers in her bright yellow, hooded raincoat, tall boots and trusty umbrella. Her hair comes styled in sweet, long ponytails tied with yarn bows to match her dress. - $15
Available Coat/Umbrella Colors:
Pink, Bright Yellow, Red
Dress Available in:
Pink stripes, Purple stripes or Green stripes 

Princess Ballerina(below left)- She comes with a little shrug and 1-layered tutu that can come off so she can practice in her white leotard and laced slippers. However her crown is sew on very tight in case you'd like to give it to a little one. - $10
Fluffy Skirt Ballerinas (below right)- Dance your heart out with these sweet little ballerinas. Dressed in soft, 2-layer tutus, sweet slippers and elegant hair buns. - $10

Both Types Have Outfits Available in These Colors: Baby Pink, Sky Blue, Violet

Winter Fashionista
This little chilly diva comes with a soft furry scarf and a matching layered skirt. Her little beret is made out of a shiny cotton with a cute little pom pom on top. Her hair is super plush soft and I had to keep her from my crazy sisters! But anyway this doll is really fun.- $12
Available Outfit Colors: Blue, Pink, Purple and Green


Groovy Girl Doll
This sassy little doll comes dressed in a groozy green(or yellow, or pink) dress with matching booties and a white newsboy cap. - $15
Available Outfit Colors: Green, Bright Yellow, or Pink