Spring-Time Geisha

Tea parties will be even more fun with elegantly dressed geisha! 
Either with your own tea set or the new Sushi and Tea Play Set you'll find in the accessories section. 
Below you'll find pretty Geisha you can order this Spring!

Sakura Geisha
 This geisha comes to you dressed in a shiny coffee toned kimono, with pretty cherry blossom flowers stitched all around. An elegant, black satin fabric lines the inside of her kimono; a pretty, pink obi wraps around her waist; and cream colored flowers are placed in her hairdo for a nice finish! Her name, Sakura, means cherry blossom in Japanese! (9"inches tall) - $20

Yaso Geisha
 This geisha likes to perform in her shiny pink kimono that has pretty daisies and seedlings stitched on it. It also has a black, satin fabric lining the inside. She comes with pretty flowers in her hair, a fan and a pink obi to pull everything together. Her name, Yaso, means wildflower in Japanese! (9"inches tall) - $20

Yuri Maiko
 This maiko, which is basically a geisha-in-training, comes dressed in an aqua blue kimono that's embroidered. The same fabric that lines her kimono was used to wrap around her waist as an obi. You can tell that she's a maiko by the red band around her neck. Her name, Yuri, means Lily in Japanese. (7" inches tall) -$20

Geisha key-chains coming soon :)